Map To Center for Brain Imaging at CMU

Scientific Imaging & Brain Research Center
Wean Hall 3604
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone (412) 268-7140


Scott Kurdilla
MR Technologist
Deborah Viszlay
MR Technologist
Vicent Sha
Computer Systems Administrator
Tiejun Zhao
Siemens MR Research Collaborations Liason to SIBR

SIBR Medical Director

Andy Ku, M.D.

SIBR Safety Committee Chair

David Creswell
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Advisory Board

Marcel Just
SIBR Director; D.O. Hebb Professor of Psychology; Director, CCBI
John Anderson
R.K. Mellon University Professor, Psychology & Computer Science
Tim Keller
Senior Research Psychologist
Tom Mitchell
Fredkin Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Learning; Machine Learning Department Head, School of Computer Science
Walter Schneider
Professor of Psychology University of Pittsburgh; Senior Scientist LRDC