Map To Center for Brain Imaging at CMU

Scientific Imaging & Brain Research Center
Wean Hall 3604
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone (412) 268-7140

SIBR Hallway

We are currently revising the center website. Thank you for your patience.

For New Researchers

If you are a new researcher who would like to scan at SIBR, please contact our Scientific Operations Director, John Pyles (

New researchers from outside CMU will need to complete a End User Agreement. Instructions for doing so can be found here: SIBR-EUA-Agreement-Instructions.pdf.


Goals of the Center

  1. Scientific Advancement. Make this a leading national center in cognitive, developmental, and social neuroscience imaging, fostering innovation and discovery, while making use of cutting-edge imaging and computing technology

  2. Technical Support. Provide investigators with technical support to help accomplish their scientific goals, maximizing their data quality and throughput

  3. Participant comfort. Make the facility especially welcoming to children and their families, as well as for clinical populations

  4. Exploration. Use the scanner as a scientific instrument to develop new paradigms, in addition to data collection in known paradigms

  5. Training and Research Growth. When the scanner is not being used by funded studies, provide time for pilot studies and research training, regulations permitting

  6. Cover Financial Costs. Cover all operating costs with research funding

Business Model

The Center will operate as a re-charge center: The annual revenues should be approximately equal to the annual operating costs (which are fixed and will be at the lower end of costs relative to comparable centers in the U.S.)

Governance, Management, and Staffing

Governance by and for the investigators, including a five-member Advisory Board.